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#25 Korean Dramas

Okay, I’m not just blogging about this because I can’t stop watching them, but Korean Dramas are awesome. Despite the fact that most Kdramas have virtually the same storyline (Spunky Peasant Girl meets Proudy Pig Rich Man and despite getting off on the wrong foot, they fall in love. But alas! Proudy Pig Rich Man has a Psycho Korean Drama Mom who opposes their union, yet they grow stronger from their forbidden love and eventually, everything turns out A-OK.), Singaporeans can’t get enough of Kdramas.

This is because Proudy Pig Rich Man is usually really hot (except for You’re Beautiful, whose male lead had bad hair and gangly arms – an affront to Kdrama Pretty Boys everywhere), and if Hot Mancandy + Spunky Female Lead with Nice Hair is not a winning combination, I don’t know what is. Well, unless the show has more than one hot male lead (Why helloooo there Daniel Henney. Come into my lair. Ohohoho! *shifty* ). That warrants buying the actual DVD set  instead of streaming it on Mysoju.

Besides managing to squeeze a bevy of hot men/pretty boys into a 45-minute episode, Kdramas are usually also very entertaining (Now now, no judging until you’ve watched My Name is Kim Sam Soon at the very least). I don’t know what it is about female heroines in Kdramas, but they always seem to be armed with sharp tongues and a complete disregard for decorum (think kicking men in the shin and shouting “Yaaaah!” in fancy restaurants). If the Kdrama happens to star Rain or Song Seung-heon, there will also inevitably be a scene where he somehow ends up shirtless (Who cares if his hair is perfectly coiffed even though he just got out of the shower? Hello six-pack abs that I can grate cheese on! My friends!). Ahem.

A Kdrama storyline that has been trending lately is the one where the Tomboy-ish Girl pretends to be a guy in an all-guys band/school/team, but somehow one of the guys (probably the proudest and richest one of the lot) falls in love with her and thinks he’s mad because why would he fall for another guy?? But wait! He finds out that Tomboyish Girl is actually a girl and pretty cute (sans man clothes), so everything is fine and dandy. On a sidenote, can I just say that this is the most unrealistic plotline ever? If I chopped off my hair and wore ugly man clothes ala Park Shin Hye in You’re Beautiful , I sooo would not look cute. I would look like an awkward man-girl with bad dress sense and flat hair. Also, wouldn’t you be like what the…? if you found out that your buddy was really a chick and not, as you had previously imagined, just a really effeminate guy?

Nevertheless, Singaporeans still love Kdramas because they give us entry into a fantasy world where girls wake up with perfect hair and glowing skin (yeah this does not happen to me… when I wake up, I look like I just crawled out of the crypt or something) and there is not one, but two mega hot, smart, funny, rich, charming, nice and witty guys knockin’ at your door and proclaiming his burning desire for your love. Sadly, this does not happen in real life. The only guy knocking at my door is the McDelivery man, and the only thing he has a burning desire for is extra tips. Pfft.