#24 Karaoke

For the longest time, I’ve been thinking about what to blog about. What exactly do Singaporeans like, I wondered. Food? I suppose. Sales? Too cliche. And then, on Christmas eve morning, I was rudely awoken from peaceful slumber by my Singaporean Mom gaily singing Christmas carols on our ancient karaoke machine. While making preparations for our annual Christmas eve party at home, my Singaporean Mom had re-discovered the karaoke machine and took it upon herself to spread some Christmas cheer by singing holiday carols at 9am in the morning.

“Siiiiiiileeeeent niiiiiight….Hoooooo-ohhhh-leeee niiighttt – eh Melba come and sing!” she belted out, as Ozzy and Jolie (our resident German Shepherds) stared in puzzlement at my Singaporean Mom warbling away on our karaoke set straight out of the 1990’s.

I tried to drown out the noise with my pillow, I really did. But sadly, to no avail. Anyway, my point is – it finally dawned upon me that Singaporeans, especially Singaporean Moms, love karaoke. I don’t know if it’s because we harbor secret hopes of becoming the next Mariah or Jay Chou, but god, karaoke is fun.

From the cheesy love songs that you would never be caught listening to on your iPod (Who doesn’t love belting out Whitney’s “I will always love you” or Celine’s “My Heart Will Go On”?!) to the completely random videos of women traipsing around an island in a Bay Watch-style bikini and 1980s make-up (nevermind that you’re singing a song that has absolutely nothing to do with the beach), Singaporeans can’t get enough of karaoke. And for good reason too, because karaoke allows you let loose (Go on then, pretend to be Taylor Swift. Nobody is gonna judge you when you’re singing karaoke.), brings people together and above all, ensures that you never have to make uncomfortable small talk. It also keeps my Singaporean Mom in a mighty jolly mood, which is fine by me.

Speaking of my Singaporean Mom, have I mentioned how much she loves singing? One time I walked into her room while she was blasting her new Celine Dion CD and unabashedly belting out “To Love You More” (complete with the whole eyes-closed emo expression – Celine would’ve been proud), while pottering about in her pajamas. Talk about letting loose even without the Grey Goose.

Anyway, have a great New Year celebration tonight ya’ll. I’ll be kicking it with my Singaporean Mom tonight and I suspect she might bust out the karaoke set after dinner. My Singaporean Dad, on the other hand, will probably eat some papayas for dessert and say something along the lines of, “Why do women love to sing so much har? They really love to sing, you know. Tau tiah!”

P.S In case you get a sudden urge to sing karaoke tonight, here’s a video of one of my favourite songs (the video leaves much to be desired though).


One thought on “#24 Karaoke

  1. jj says:

    haha this is so true! my singaporean mum loves karaoke too!! she has k-box parties when my dad is not around and all her friends sing canto-pop songs nonstop *sweatdrop*

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