#4 Complaining

Singaporeans are infamous for their innate ability to complain about anything, from the “too many” announcements on the MRT (deemed “noise pollution”) to the air-conditioning in shopping centers (deemed “freezing and a cold waiting to happen”). Often times, they will complain about something that has not being done, and then complain about how it sucks when it is done.

Disgruntled Singaporeans will use all forms of media to ensure that their complaints are heard, including writing in to The Straits Times and talking smack about people/places/anything really online.

Singaporeans are especially fond of complaining on forums and blogs, because it allows them to hide behind a facade of anonymity. Don’t like how your maid listens to your husband and not you? Complain about that skank on Maid Library (Yes, there is a local forum dedicated to the trials and tribulations of having a maid, I kid you not. Google it.) Unhappy about how you cannot buy gum in Singapore without getting a prescription? Start a ‘Singapore Sucks’ Facebook group and threaten to migrate to Australia (even though you know you won’t). Offended that online TV portals are broadcasting shows with girls prancing around in bikinis? Go and complain on the website about how the content is too salacious. Insulted that a teenage couple has the audacity to make out at your void deck? Just snap secret photos of them to post on Stomp and complain about their shameless debauchery (clearly, an invasion of privacy isn’t immoral at all when you’re doing it it for the greater good of exposing these teenagers with raging hormones).

Complaining is an art that Singaporeans have managed to master and excel in. So stop complaining that we’re laopok in any field related to the Arts.


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