#3 Free stuff

Singaporeans love free stuff. In fact, they love collecting free paraphernalia so much that they’ll even stand in line for hours, as long as there’s a sign that says “FREE GIFT. ‘Q’ HERE –>”.

Take my Singaporean Dad, for example. He has such an extensive collection of hotel/Singapore Airlines toothbrushes, lotions, emery boards, loofahs and sewing kits stashed away in his room that it would make a hoarder blush. No, actually, it would make aforementioned hoarder look almost zen-like. My Singaporean Dad also likes collecting free moist towelettes that you get at some restaurants, and he gets especially pleased if it’s the kind that is wrapped in plastic and causes a gratifying pop when you burst it. In fact, he’s been collecting them for so long that some of the moist towelettes aren’t even moist anymore (I swear he once gave me a Lee Tong Kee Ipoh Hor Fun wet wipe, he we haven’t been there to eat since I was in primary school.) One time I asked him for a wet wipe after eating chilli crab and he gave me a yellowed-out towelette that looked almost as ancient and dried out as Confucius. Not that I’ve ever met the guy, but you get my drift.


As I was saying, Singaporeans (myself included) love free stuff, even if they have no use for it. I love free stuff so much that I shamelessly empty out the toiletries whenever I stay at a hotel, including the rock hard loofah that I will probably never use in this lifetime. Don’t lie, you know you do that to.

What’s that? You mean you don’t pocket the free notepads and envelopes that you get in hotels? Oh. Awkward.


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